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As a freshman in college, it's important to join clubs and organizations to find and experience brand-new things. Growing up in the city, I never got the opportunity to go snowboarding, snowboarding, hiking, outdoor camping, or any other activity in the woods. The ski and outside club caught my attention and I decided to join. The good news is, they comprehended that not everybody did these kinds of outside activities regularly. They provided us with a list of things to buy that will come in handy when we go camping. At the top of the list was all kinds of sleeping bag brands that work most effectively with the kind of camping the club is intending on doing. Our team advisor highly recommended that we check out Nemo tents because, from her experience, they hold up the very best in all kinds of weather. The Big Agnes sleeping bag was next followed by an Osprey backpack. Luckily, my parents informed me that they would help me find everything I required before view site the club left for our first outdoor camping trip that weekend. The following day, my parents came up to my school and took me to an outdoor store that had everything from Koolaburra boots to Momentum watches, and from Zeal goggles to a Primus stove. They had precisely what I needed and wanted to feel prepared for our first trip. I got Julbo sunglasses, Vasque boots, a tent, windbreaker, and Grogory backpack. I was finally prepared to go camping. The following day, our advisor gave us the list for the winter season outside activities that we had planned for the academic year since everyone was asking about going skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Once again, a list was given to us that had everything we needed for the second part of the school year. Because these activities cost extra money, our consultant informed us to select which winter tasks we wanted to do. A lot of the group signed up for all of the activities and paid the extra money for lift tickets. To ease into the outdoor tasks, I decided to just enroll in snowshoeing. This way, it's less costly than having to buy a lift ticket, and pay to rent or get skis. And I will not embarrass myself in front of my classmates on the slopes since I have no experience snowboarding or snowboarding. That night after our meeting, my roommate and I ventured out to the outdoor store to find the last remaining items I needed. Unfortunately though, the shop didn't have the crescent moon snowshoes that I've been wanting. They don't carry much of their winter season apparel and winter season sports items throughout the summer months. When I got home from shopping, I went online and discovered redfeather snowshoes on sale. I got them and had them delivered to the school. Now I'm prepared for the entire year and could not wait to see what the ski and outdoor club has to offer.